Scott Brown Evicted From People's Office

Scott Brown is being thrown out of Ted Kennedy's old office. The prize suite is being claimed by GOP leader Mitch McConnell.

Brown, as a freshman senator with little seniority, now could be forced to move to the virtual Siberia of Capitol Hill offices. Brown’s staffers have been showing senators around Kennedy’s former office halfheartedly for days, saying things like, ‘‘we’re so cramped here’’ in an effort to dissuade them from taking it.

Scott tells a cute story about meeting Arnold Swarzenaegger and Maria Shriver as they had dinner with extended family at a DC restaurant shortly after Scott took office. Maria, shocked to learn that Scott had been given "Uncle Teddy's Office," was admonished by Arnold.

"Maria, it's not Uncle Teddy's Office, it's The People's Office," Scott quotes Arnold as saying.