Schizo Left Argues for Jesus Driven Government

Dr. Richard Land does his best to hold off the swarming socialists in this panel discussion with Christiane Amanpour. The lefties seem to think that Jesus should be guiding the policies of the U.S. government! Funny, I thought that nothing scared them more!

Richard Land: Well, we're borrowing between $0.40 and $0.41 of every dollar that we're spending at the federal level. And many - many Americans, and that would include myself among them see that as generational theft. And theft, you know, there's a - there's a commandment against that in the Bible. That we're - we're literally stealing our children and our grandchildren's future.

Steve Roberts: There's also a commandment about charity and righteousness in the Jewish tradition. The word is "Tzedakah." And it means not just charity, but it's a - it's a obligation of righteousness. And to take care of your neighbor. I understand the question of theft. But there's an equally powerful religious argument to be made of - of - as a nation providing for the least among us. And that is equally a powerful moral argument.

Land: ... but not with money you steal from other people - from your future ancestors.

Sharpton: ... Jesus always challenged the rich. This is the Jesus that told the rich man to give to the poor. There's no record anywhere in the gospels where Jesus didn't always challenge the rich.