Scarborough Blasts Howard Dean on Education

I frequently lambaste the Democrats for their partnership with Teachers Unions that has destroyed public education in this country - particularly destructive for the urban poor, who get the worst of the Democrat schools and need education the most. I was happy to hear Joe Scarborough making a similar argument on Morning Joe Thursday.

It’s the Democrats, it’s the president, it’s the defenders of the unions, it’s the defenders of the status quo that don’t want to talk about education reform because we as a nation are spending more money per child than any nation on the planet.

Joe Scarborough: ...The fact of the matter is the system is broken, and it has been. The Democratic establishment over the past generation that’s been defending that status quo.

Howard Dean: That’s total nonsense. That is just ridiculous, Joe…Charter schools in this country are being started by young kids who probably voted for Barack Obama. Joe that is the most ridiculous statement you’ve said [when I’ve been on the show] in the last two or three years.

Joe Scarborough: You can all you want to say. The Democratic Party in Washington, D.C. has been the defender of teachers unions that for a generation have stood in the way of reform. Just like they’re doing right now in New York City.

Dean: Excuse me, I work for a charter school that’s run by the American Federation of Teachers, Joe. Knock it off. This is ridiculous conversation.

Scarborough: Howard, you can say this all you want. You know you’re not telling the truth.

Notice that Howard Dean doesn't actually argue that Joe is wrong - he makes alternative arguments like there are good charter schools started by unions, teachers are great, etc. There is no disputing the point Scarborough is making. But Dean works for the American Federation of Teachers.