Say Goodbye

On its last morning on the Vineyard, the Royal Family paid homage to the people of Tisbury.
At 1040,  motorcade left blue heron farm, cruising through rain soaked streets of west tisbury before arriving at Alley's General Store. An expedition party that included President Obama, Malia, Sasha, First Niece Suhaila, the daughter of First Sister Maya Soetoro Ng. The four pranced through the general store for a short five minutes--Potus in SOX baseball hat, jeans and a black fleece jacket. Malia in t shirt and black jacket, Sasha and Suhaila in pink jackets. "Malia, did you figure something out?" Mr. Obama asked. He wandered around the store pointing out suggestions for the girls. "Hey, what about these, Malia?" he said, standing in front of a display of earrings. He bought candies--nerds and astronaut ice cream--at the cash register for the girls, and asked the cashier: "Hey what's your name?" At the response--"Maya," he said; "Hey that's my sister's name." Then he pointed to Suhaila. "Her mom's name is Maya." The expedition party then headed across the parking lot to Garcia's Deli and Bakery. Potus shook hands with a handful of people outside, then went in, and chatted briefly with the owner. "We wanted to stop by before we left," he said. "I think a cookie sounds about right." He bought an oatmeal raisin cookie -wrapped in plastic, and shook it in the air saying "this is a classic" and chatted with employees and posed for a photo before heading out. The entire outing took 12 minutes.