Sarah Tips Her Mouth

When Sarah Palin quit as Alaska governor to venture out to make her fortune, her justification victimhood. Now, as she prepares (presumably) to announce that she won't seek the presidency, she offers a similar argument - that entering the race would be too confining, that she'll have more power "Going Rogue."

In campaign mode, so often, a candidate - certainly this is where I was in the VP campaign - being molded, being shaped, Greta, being caricatured by those around you which prohibits the freedom that one needs to really make a difference, and influence, and begin some aggressive debate that is needed. 

So, ya, you know, that's a debate right there itself, whether a title is needed to make a difference, or someone can be rogue, can be maverick, can be passionate about issues... which is the best place for that individual to be?