Sarah Goes After Manchin in West Virginia

What happened to Republican John Raese in the West Virginia U.S. senate race? For a while, it seemed that Governor Joe Manchin was going to lose, but it hasn't looked that way lately. Sarah Palin was in state over the weekend, telling voters they should leave Manchin in his current job.

I like your governor, I worked with him before, he’s a nice guy. But he’s such a nice governor that I think that ‘Manchin in the mansion’ just kinda fits, to kinda keep him there.”

Democrats are more confident that Gov. Joe Manchin will win this race - and the polls appear to agree with them. Almost every poll (with one exception) gave Manchin the edge over mining company executive John Raese in the last two weeks. Big names keep coming into the state for the final push: Raese had Sarah Palin in on Saturday, Rudy Giuliani is scheduled to come in Monday night, and Bill Clinton will make a second visit for Manchin Monday. One leading Democratic consultant in the state noted Manchin might have lost the race if the election were a month ago, but now speculates he'll win by a 4-point margin.

If Dems win in W. Virginia, chances for the GOP taking the senate are pretty slim.