Sanders Slanders

Does name calling help resolve the debate over Global Warming? The alarmists think so.

We will be a much richer and safer nation when we get off of foreign oil, and we should be moving quickly in that direction. Those of us who haven't heard a convincing argument on Global Warming don't need to be compared to Nazi apologists in order to get that done.
Silicon Valley based clean energy start-up Bloom Energy will leave their stealth mode at 10am pacific today. Bloom Energy made a major splash on the weekend in CBS's 60 minutes. The fuel cell powered Bloom boxes are hailed to revolutionize clean energy. The Bloom boxes produce electricity from bio gas, fossil gas or other fuels via a solid oxide fuel cell. The technology works, but the major challenge is to reduce the price to make the Bloom box affordable for home owners.
60 minutes did a piece on the Bloom Box on Sunday, a fuel cell technology company that believes it will soon have a viable product that will allow every home to have it's own very efficient power plant for a few grand a pop. It will run on natural gas, among other options, and will cut energy use in half.