Safe Route Roadkill

A few months ago, former eBay CEO Meg Whitman appeared to be on cruise control on the road to face Democrat Jerry Brown for Governor. That's before she took the "safe" route and came out against the Arizona immigration law.

Steve Poizner was thought to be political roadkill earlier this year, having fallen as much as 50 points behind Meg Whitman for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. But with Whitman getting hammered on immigration (she declined to support the Arizona law) and her ties to Goldman Sachs, Poizner is closing the gap.
Two weeks ago, Poizner, the state insurance commissioner, was down 10 points (according to his own poll), and now he's pulled within two percent of millionaire Whitman.
Poizner spokesman Jarrod Agen argues the new poll shows that "Steve's message of cutting taxes and ending illegal immigration is clearly resonating with Republican voters."
And resonate it should. California has been decimated by illegal immigration. Remember, it was immigration that made Arnold governor.
In 2003, the Democratic California Legislature passed a bill to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses. Voters revolted and recalled Gov. Gray Davis, who signed the measure. In a craven act of cowardice, the Legislature quickly voted to rescind the bill it had passed.
What was Meg thinking?
Some question whether Poizner is a real conservative, or a convenient conservative. There are some issues he's offered great leadership on - like education.
Poizner was one of a few ‘key pioneers’ behind the California Charter School movement. Poizner was up against a massive teacher’s union opposition when he pushed Charter Schools. Undaunted, Poizner helped build many charter schools in low income areas throughout California. There were nearly 200 charter schools when Steve got involved, now there are over 800 statewide.
Good stuff.