Sad Gay West

Hhhhmmmm. Will this be good for the GOP in November because the leftists won't be energized to turn out? Or is it good for Dems because the right won't be so energized? Well, I guess its the first, since the right is already FIRED UP, READY TO GO!

A challenge to California's gay marriage ban failed on Monday to qualify for the 2010 ballot, leaving gay activists mulling a 2012 push and hoping a federal court will overturn the measure before then.
The courts are where liberals like to get their work done anyway. Democracy doesn't usually work so well for their agenda.
Courts and state legislatures have legalized same-sex marriage in five U.S. states and the District of Columbia, but popular votes have always rejected such unions, which are illegal in the vast majority of U.S. states.
But the activists say they don't want this one going to the Supremes, as the court leans conservative - ie, likes to follow the Constitution.
Love Honor Cherish Executive Director John Henning said if voters overturned Proposition 8 in 2012 -- the next time a ballot measure could qualify -- it could effectively take the issue out of the Court's hands. "I'd rather repeal Prop 8 than see the Supreme Court review it, given the current composition of the court," Henning said.
It's may be a Sad Gay West for Love Honor Cherish, but it beats Alito Roberts Thomas.