Rush to Judgement: Doris Kearns Goodwin

 Doris Kearns Goodwin loses it over the Florida killing, saying "Tray" Martin may become the new Emmett Till. We don't know yet if anything happened to Trayvon that even vaguely resembles that awful 1955 murder case.

...I think that one of the reasons why that picture of the innocent looking of those pictures may make Tray Martin this generation's Emmett Till is because Emmett Till was a young child, 14 years old, who was lynched by a group of white men in Mississippi for having whistled at a white girl.

And the mother kept his casket open so that you could see the contrast between the innocent child that he was and what has happened to him after he was beaten, his eye gouged, and his face come in. It sparked the civil rights movement. Suddenly, New York reporters came down. The New York Times was the only guy covering the south at that time. But then 70 reporters came down.

Three months later, after the trial, where the four guys were acquitted within an hour, it produced outrage.  

Let's wait and see if the shooter's story, and that of the cops, might have some truth to it. The left is creating an atmosphere ripe for trouble.