Route One Rolling Again

Route 1 in Saugus (just north of Boston) reopened late Saturday following a fatal tanker truck rollover.

One man died and several people were injured early yesterday when a tanker carrying thousands of gallons of gasoline rolled over through a median on Route 1 and exploded in a towering fireball.

Here's a report from Fox 25 Saturday night.

Six cars crashed into the tanker, which began leaking its cargo of about 11,000 gallons of fuel onto the road, Procopio said. Flames shooting up from the tangle of vehicles charred a highway sign and an overpass and burned wires off a nearby utility pole.

Four motorists were taken to hospitals. Three had minor injuries and one man, Kevin Fitzgerald, 60, of South Hamilton, sustained serious burns and underwent emergency surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, Procopio said.

The tanker was reduced to its frame, its massive tank gone. The cars also suffered extensive damage, with tires on some burned completely off the wheels.