Ron Paul Says Obama a Warmonger

Ron Paul fires back at Donald Trump for saying that Paul can't win a presidential race, and says over-spending is like alcoholism - you can't cut it one drink at a time.

"So I was elected 11 times. And somebody said, well how many times has Donald Trump been elected? Does he have, really, the right to go and criticize others and say they're unelectable?"

"Well, you always take that risk when you put your name on the ballot, you know -- you could get elected," Paul responded." But you know, the other thing is, is that's what they told me years ago. Because Joe, you've known me long enough that I've said the things and voted the same way for many years. And they told me that when I first started running for Congress -- there's no way you can run on that platform. You're sort of obsessed with this Constitution, and you know, you live in the Dark Ages, you can't be elected.