Romney Attempts Health Care Pivot

Mitt attempts a health care pivot, defending his plan for Massachusetts before going on an assault against ObamaCare. Attacks on ObamaCare are good, and if he's convincing enough delivering them over and over, maybe he'll succeed in putting RomneyCare in the dust.

In his first — and perhaps most significant — policy speech of his budding presidential campaign, he gave the strongest defense to date of his signature Massachusetts health care plan.

His five-point proposal — outlined in a PowerPoint presentation — has an over-arching goal of giving states more power in the health coverage arena. He would give states block grants for Medicaid, for example, and allow them to craft their own coverage plans.

The speech struck me as too wonkish because Mitt laid out a new plan for the nation, which, for me, seemed to merge with and reemphasize the Massachusetts plan. I think he would have been better off attacking ObamaCare and announcing a forthcoming plan. Whatever, his options are limited - and coming from weakness.