Rocking Turnout Around Boston

Everyone's buzzing about what Chris Matthews said about Deval.

Chris Matthews: "I’ll tell you what I'm looking at - a possible upset in Massachusetts of the Governor, Deval Patrick. A possible upset.  I think Charlie, Charlie Baker is getting close; the Cahill candidacy is shrinking to nothing.  I think you might see an upset there because of the anger. The old Ed King vote."

Looking for something better than Chris Matthews? How about Emily Rooney doing a radio interview this morning as she taped a segment on voting at Boston Public Library, in a precinct that had 300 people vote on primary day, but had that same number in an hour this morning.

I did my own unofficial exit poll. Some people went on camera, a lot of people refused to go on camera, but they told me off camera. And I have to say, just anecdotally, it’s only the first hour, originally…the first 15 minutes, it was like 80-20 Baker, and then it’s now at 2 -1 just when I wrapped up.