Rich Girl

What do you want from her?
If she were applying to be, say, an undersecretary of education in Barack Obama’s new administration, Caroline Kennedy would have to fill out a 63-item confidential questionnaire disclosing potentially embarrassing text messages and diary entries, the immigration status of her household staff, even copies of every résumé she used in the last 10 years.
It's not like she lost everything to Bernie's scam. She's still got her dignity!
If she were running for election to the Senate, Ms. Kennedy would have to file a 10-part, publicly available report disclosing her financial assets, credit card debts, mortgages, book deals and the sources of any payments greater than $5,000 in the last three years.
She's not the sort of girl who lays it all on the line. As a matter of fact, Caroline has never done anything, that we know of, that wasn't entirely safe.
But Ms. Kennedy, who has asked Gov. David A. Paterson to appoint her to succeed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton — and who helped oversee the vetting process for Mr. Obama’s possible running mates — is declining to provide a variety of basic data, including companies she has a stake in and whether she has ever been charged with a crime.
Jackie built the box - with Aristotle's money - and baby Caroline has never - forget about stepping outside the box - Caroline has never left the estate in the center.
Ms. Kennedy declined on Monday to reply to those and other questions posed by The New York Times about any potential ethical, legal and financial entanglements. Through a spokesman, she said she would not disclose that kind of information unless and until she becomes a senator.
While being a U.S. Senator might be a nice next step for Caroline - much more modern than taking on a powerful charitable post - there's only so much a girl like her is willing to do. From where Caroline sits, she's already gotten her hands way too dirty. She actually went to the capital last week - and got embarrassed by the media hounds!
“If Governor Paterson were to choose Caroline, she would, of course, comply with all disclosure requirements,” said the spokesman, Stefan Friedman.
Before facing the indignation of - disclosure! - Caroline wants the reward first.
So far, on her tour, Ms. Kennedy has taken just 11 questions from reporters, has granted no interviews, and responded only in writing to inquiries about her positions on significant issues.
That's the kind of life she's led.