Republicans Increase Financial Pressure on Hiding Dems

At least one Democrat is needed to show up for work if the Wisconsin State Senate is to pass budget related bills. Not so matters of lesser import - such as fines for legislators who refuse to legislate!

Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate are taking new steps to bring the 14 missing Senate Democrats back to Wisconsin.

They passed a resolution Wednesday morning on a unanimous vote that would charge each senator $100 each day for every day the lawmaker was missing. They would also make the 14 missing senators reimburse the Senate for any cost incurred to bring them back.

The resolution also authorizes the help of any law enforcement officer in the state to bring them back to the Capitol.The resolution also allows the majority leaders to cease paying expense reimbursements and parking privileges for all staff for the next two years.

The senators left Wisconsin and went to Illinois on Feb. 17 to avoid voting on a budget repair bill that would eliminate collective bargaining for public workers in Wisconsin.

The pressure increases on financially strapped legislators, whose direct deposit paychecks were stopped by the GOP when the Wisconsin 14 went on the lam. Rush reported today that one pregnant senator is eager to return home, but I'm not sure where he got that news.

Sen. Julie Lassa, who is six months pregnant, also spent the weekend with her two young children for the first time since leaving the state.

“Of course I miss my kids,” Erpenbach says of his daughter, 15, and son, 18. “But we’re not going home.”

Adding more stress to life in exile for the 14 senators is David Hale, coordinator of the Rockford Tea Party.