Reporter Backs Off Obama Birth Cert Statements

The new governor of Hawaii is an Obama family friend, so he promised when he was elected he would clear up the Birther issue once and for all. Now, reporter Mike Evans, friendly with the governor as well, says Abercrombie has given up - there is no proof that the president was born there (about 2 minutes).

"Yesterday, talking to Neil's office Neil says that he searched everywhere using his powers as governor there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii.  Absolutely no proof at all that he was born in Hawaii."

Mike Evans is now saying that he mispoke in the above interview.

A celebrity journalist now claims he misspoke when he said last week that Hawaii’s governor told him he was unable to find President Barack Obama’s original birth certificate after a search of state and hospital archives.

But when you listen, it's clear that he's quite confident about what he's saying, and provides a great deal of context to his remarks - making one think that he was not authorized to speak, and that he's now misrepresenting things to cover up for the governor.