Redistricting: Lynch v Keating

Massachusetts needs to eliminate a congressional district, and Channel 5 reports the redistricting solution with put 6 term incumbent Steve Lynch from South Boston against Quincy rookie Bill Keating.

If the rumors of a 2012 showdown between Rep. Bill Keating and Rep. Stephen Lynch are true, expect a big Democratic congressional fight the likes of which this state hasn't seen since 1996 when Bill Delahunt defeated Phil Johnston in a Democratic primary for the seat Keating now holds.

Lynch, a tenacious campaigner, would be the odds on favorite as he has a a $500,000+ advantage on Keating and is more entrenched. As the most conservative Democratic in the delegation Lynch, too, would probably be a more appropriate fit in a district stretching from South Boston to Cape Cod.

Keating will have to work very hard to overcome his freshman disadvantage in a very large district. In recent elections the alleged new congressional district has leaned more conservative than the rest of the Commonwealth.