Ratings Rocket

One of the great things about being a radio talk host is that it puts one in the center of thoughtful policy debate with listeners. Here's an example.
You are a disgrace, not only are you one of the worst talk show hosts on the radio, you are so desperate that you have to hawk that skin crap on the side just to get yourself heard again. You suck !!!
Considering that Tom and I get off the air at 9am and this guy's email was sent at 9:25pm, imagine how much fun the intervening 12 hours must have been for him, especially with him looking constantly in the mirror to see if his skin cream is successfully reducing his fine lines and wrinkles.
The best part of my morning is to turn you and the other disbarred criminal on for just one minute, and then turn to Dennis and Callahan for ther rest of my morning talk. Oh, excuse me,,, let me correct myself, I only listen to you and the criminal for about six seconds only, Dont want to give a LOSER like you too much credit.
Ironically, people who respond with this level of contempt do listen every day, and they listen for much longer periods then they care to admit. It's interesting.
You phony piece of crap....Cant wait until RKO dumps you and the criminal. Its coming soon, I know it is.....LOOOOOOSER !!!!!!
I'm hoping he's been chosen by Arbitron to carry a new PPM device, which tracks a radio listener's daily station choices for the ratings.