Rap Video Turns Up Heat on GSA Scandal

The GSA (General Services Administration) is supposed to help the government run efficiently, which makes the scandal over the agency's lavish Vegas convention in 2010 all the more fun to watch unfold - especially after the Obama administration coverup. Here's an employee made spoof video - a fantasy about the spending pleasure of becoming a GSA commissioner - that has become controversial...

Two House committees said Thursday they are investigating wasteful spending by the General Services Administration, following an inspector general's report criticizing a lavish conference in October 2010 in Las Vegas.

The White House accepted GSA chief Martha Johnson's resignation after she dismissed two deputies and suspended other career employees over the conference, which cost $820,000.

The Oversight and Government Reform Committee also released a six-minute video that was reportedly shown at an awards ceremony at the conference in which a GSA employee is applauded and named "commissioner for the day" for rapping about what he would do if he were head of the agency.