Rand Paul: Startling Honesty on Spending

Rand Paul is upset that he won't be given a chance to fillibuster the new budget deal agreed to Friday night, so his office issued his floor statement to make his views known. His remarks are very important - this is an elected offical doing his job, one of the few. If you're in a hurry, advance to 3:30.

The budget bill that we’re talking about has now been and will cut almost nothing, maybe a couple hundred millions. It will increase defense spending by $8 billion and it will cut spending by $8 billion. The net is about zero. Our deficit this year will be bigger than last year. Our overall spending will be bigger this year than last year.

We threatened to shut down government over nothing because we’re not cutting spending in any serious way. They want to blame it on the Tea Party because in their secret caucus meetings they’ve done a poll that says, ah, the Tea Party is the villain. Say the Tea Party has taken over the Republican party.

You know what the Tea Party believes in? Good government. We believe in balancing the budget. We believe in reducing spending. We have plans to fix social security. We introduced a plan yesterday. If the other side is serious about fixing the entitlements, we have a plan.

Check out what he says about a missing $100 billion, and it shows you how we're being hustled with the budget deal that the house passed today.

$100 billion in the budget last year is unaccounted for. We don’t know where it was spent or we think it was improperly spent. $100 billion. In our senatorial offices we get several million dollars. Some of us want to be frugal with that and send some back to the treasury. We plan on sending several hundred thousand dollars back. But we want know where the money goes. We’re still not certain. We’ve been asking for four months. Some people say that money is kept in some fund for three years and then may go back. Other people have told us the leadership spend that money. We don’t have a definitive answer for even trying to save a couple hundred thousand dollars of your money that I have control over.

On the Pentagon.

Now, the Pentagon spends a lot of money. Some people say, we can never cut any. But are they spending their money wisely? You don’t know because we can’t audit them. Why can’t we audit them? The Pentagon tells us they are you heard about the companies saying they’re too big to fail? The government tells you know, they’re too big to be audited. We got a partial audit of the Federal Reserve. We got some information from that. Guess what? We’re now fighting a war against Gadhafi. You know what we were doing last month? We were giving him money. We were giving him foreign aid — not much, but we gave him some. We also helped to bail out his national bank in these third world countries, the national bank is the piggy bank. Half of it is probably spirited off to secret accounts in Switzerland. Taxpayers bailed out Gadhaffi’s bank. Now we’re bombing it.

Most people get elected and start working for the system against the people. Rand Paul appears to be doing it the way it was intended.