Rand Paul Outlines $500B in Spending Cuts

Rand Paul describes how to cut spending $500 billion - get rid of most spending for the Departments of Ed and Energy, for example. He also has an interesting idea for Social Security.

You can fix the Social Security shortfall by raising the age by one month every year. So it will take 36 years to raise the Social Security age three years. I think we as a society can handle that. It fixes most of the problem.

While the Paul plan makes perfect sense for an SS fix, liberals are aghast.

The problem with Paul’s and Boehner’s justification for raising the retirement age — that we are all living longer, thus we can easily retire later — is that it simply isn’t true. While it’s correct that life expectancy has improved over the years, most of these life expectancy gains have gone exclusively to upper-income Americans who work white-collar jobs that are not physically strenuous.

You can play the attack the rich game all you want, and the truth remains unchanged - we can't afford not to raise the age of eligibility.