Rahm Confesses to Cheap Politics at White House

In a startling Sunday Show confession, Rahm Emanuel says he would recommend the president play politics rather than do what's best for the country.

"I often advised the president about doing the quick political thing, and he looked at the long term, and he rejected the quick and political because it wasn't in America's interest."

Should we assume the obvious and believe that the reason Rahm offered the quick and political was because it was desired by, and occasionally (at least) followed by the president? Or should we be illogical and assume that input from the chief of staff was met with snickers from everyone else around the Oval Office?

Rahm also spoke a truth that runs contrary to the religion of Keynes-justified big government.

I don't create jobs. The president doesn't create jobs. You create conditions for jobs to take hold, for the businesses to create them.

You can do crazy things like that - ie, tell the truth - when you're Mayor.