Racing Engines

Liberals can't help themselves - keeping racial tensions high in this country is vital to their electoral opportunities, so they stomp on the race nerve constantly.

And they love generating racial suspicion where no sign of trouble can be seen. Here's liberal stooge Sarah Silverman:
"The entire Fox News Channel is a twenty-four-hour-a-day racism engine, but it's all coded, all implied," she continued. "Lou Dobbs used to scream on CNN about ‘immigration,' not ‘filthy Mexicans.' I suspect the racist messages about Asians that permeate the media are subtler, and therefore more difficult to combat." In her book, Silverman attacks the Tea Party movement and "right-wing Americans," suggesting their efforts aren't for the sake of fiscal responsibility and the fear the country is headed toward an entitlement state, but instead - veiled racism.
Isn't Barney Frank using racist code when he criticizes our Black Governor of Massachusetts? Where is the outrage? Where are the fast flying accusations?
Meanwhile, Frank had unusually blistering criticism for fellow Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick, saying that while he shares the same ideology as the first-term governor he felt Patrick was “too confident.”
He wouldn't say uppity outloud, now would he?
“It’s not bad if you don’t know a job, what’s bad is if you don’t know a job but think you do."
We have to make it clear - calling someone a racist is no different from calling them a Nazi. This is a bomb that should only be dropped about as often as a nuke.