Racial Confusion

Am I reading too much into it, or does the media not seem electrified by the idea of having a crowd of Black conservatives presenting conservative thoughts at a Tea Party Express press conference.

Black conservative leaders from around the country gathered in Washington on Wednesday to denounce the NAACP for its resolution charging that elements of the Tea Party movement are racist.

This is an amazing video - sit back and spend a few minutes.

“The accusation by the NAACP is just another example of playing the race card because of failed policies,” conservative talk show host Herman Cain said at the event, which was organized by the Tea Party Express and held at the National Press Club.

Kevin Jackson, president of the Black Conservative Coalition, said the Congressional Black Caucus makes race an issue to further its liberal agenda and keep its members in office.
Americans of different nationalities, creeds, colors, and religions mingle at grocery stores and sporting events without “a hint of racism,” Jackson said. “Yet as soon as a piece of legislation comes up, the Democrats roll out [the Congressional Black Caucus] as their intimidation group,” similar to what used to happen with the KKK.

The reporters seem verklempt, their equliibrium seems shaken.