Public Disgrace

Should the Obama's be criticized for putting their daughters in a good school instead of in the Democrats' schools? No, says Rich Lowry, and he's right. It would be negligent to send them to public school
In Washington, we have these arguments every time a rich Democrat sends his kids to private schools, which is very often. The real issue is why the public schools are unacceptable to pretty much anyone, liberal or conservative, who has other options. Maybe in the rich suburbs of New York or Los Angeles, wealthy opponents of school choice run less risk of being labeled hypocrites; they can skip the pricey private schools because their public campuses aren’t hellholes.
The Obamas should be criticized, though, for being members of the party, and supporters of the unions, that keep kids locked in horrible hellhole schools.
But most Washington public schools are hellholes. So parents here - including the first family - find hypocrisy a small price to pay for fulfilling their parental obligations.
They should become good school activists, and face the price of being abandoned by the unions.
According to data compiled by the Washington Post in 2007, of the 100 largest school districts in the country, D.C. ranks third in spending for each student, around $13,000 a pupil, but last in spending on instruction. More than half of every dollar of education spending goes to the salaries of administrators. Test scores are abysmal; the campuses are often unsafe.
Right in the nation's capital, you'd think the Dems, and their union partners, would be humiliated. Somehow, they get away with locking millions of kids in ignorance, and poverty.
Michelle Rhee, D.C.’s heroic school chancellor, in her 17 months on the job has already made meaningful improvements. But that’s grading on an enormous curve. The Post recently reported that on observing a bad teacher in a classroom, Rhee complained to the principal. “Would you put your grandchild in that class?” she asked. “If that’s the standard,” replied the defensive principal, “we don’t have any effective teachers in my school.” So if Obama and other politicians don’t want to send their kids to schools where even the principals have such views, that’s no scandal. The scandal is that these politicians tolerate such awful schools at all. For anyone.
There ya go.