Psycho Killer

The University of Alabama shooter may have been a Harvard Bomber after she was a Brother Killer.
A biology professor accused of killing three colleagues and wounding three more in a shooting rampage at the University of Alabama in Huntsville on Friday was a suspect in the attempted mail bombing of a Harvard Medical School professor in 1993, a law enforcement official said yesterday.
Does this have to do with bias in favor of the educated? Would a poor, inner-city kid get away without facing charges in these sorts of incidents?
At the time, Bishop was working as a postdoctoral fellow in the hospital’s human biochemistry lab.
The bombing incident, followed by last week's college killings, may all be courtesy of Congressman Bill Delahunt, who, back when he was District Attorney, declined to prosecute Amy Bishop after her first violent incident. Would he have believed the argument of an accidental shooting if her mother didn't know the police chief or if they didn't live in a fancy home?
A former auto-body worker claims Amy Bishop put a gun to his chest and demanded a getaway car just minutes after she shot her brother to death 24 years ago in a controversial case that is now being reviewed.
For some reason, Delahunt didn't see anything suspicious in that incident.
Tom Pettigrew, 45, told the Herald he was working at the Dave Dinger Ford auto repair shop in South Braintree, near the former Bishop home, when he saw the gun-wielding woman run into the dealership with what he thought was a BB gun.
Three shots were fired in the house, one of which killed her brother, then she ran into the street waving her weapon at a passing car before she got to the repair shop.
“I go over to the door and I can sense that she’s right near the door,” Pettigrew said. “I’m thinking it’s a BB gun. I open the door and she’s right there and we basically bumped into each other and I got a shotgun right in my chest!” “And she’s like, ‘Hands up!’ and I’m like, ‘Yes ma’am’ ”
Sounds like the aftermath of an accidental shooting, doesn't it?
Bishop appeared agitated and nervous, Pettigrew said. The University of Alabama professor now accused of killing three colleagues Friday said she needed a car because, “I got into a fight with my husband and he’s going to kill me,” the worker recalled. Pettigrew then watched as Bishop walked through the dealership looking at cars, all the while grasping the gun.
Yup. Must have been an accident.
Pettigrew said police questioned him after the incident but he never heard from them again. “For the last 23 years, it was just a cool story I could tell my friends,” Pettigrew said. It was the second stunning revelation in two days about Bishop’s past. On Saturday, authorities said Bishop fatally shot her brother in Braintree in 1986 and was not charged after state prosecutors concluded that it was accidental.
Congressman Delahunt, q'est-ce que c'est?