Profiles in Courage

The good government crowd is lining up behind Caroline, eager, perhaps, to be included in a future Kennedy book?
Despite early reservations, New York state's most powerful legislative leader now says he'll support Caroline Kennedy for the U.S. Senate if the governor names her to the seat expected to be vacated by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
They don't care about anything except what's best for their state, and for the country.
State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told the New York Post he's rethinking his views on Kennedy because he feels Gov. David Paterson will soon pick her to replace Clinton, President-elect Barack Obama's choice as secretary of state.
It's inspiring to watch, really.
If she is Paterson's choice, the Democratic lawmaker said he will "work strenuously for her election," the Post reported Thursday.
Caroline has been impressive.
Two people close to Paterson told The Associated Press they believe the daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy will be Paterson's choice. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak on the matter.
Driven only by compassion, those Democrats. Profiles in Courage.