Professors Defend Radical Islam Lawbreakers

When the Israeli Ambassador spoke at UC Irvine, it was no big surprise that 11 radical Muslims interrupted Michael Oren as he delivered his speech. But why would 100 professors ask the district attorney to drop charges against the students?

The group, including five deans, said the Muslim Student Union was wrong to disrupt the speech last year by Ambassador Michael Oren but that the students and the group had already been disciplined by the university.

Orange County prosecutors announced last week they were charging the students with two misdemeanor counts, including conspiracy to disrupt the speech. If convicted, each faces up to six months in jail.

The decision to charge the students, the faculty letter says, “sets a dangerous precedent for the use of the criminal law against nonviolent protests on campus.”

The protesters should face the legitimate repercussions of their behavior without being coddled by leftist state employees.