Professing Failure

Bill Clinton gives a hint of how differently he'd be handling the Gulf Oil Disaster were he still in the White House.

Former US President Bill Clinton has a solution to the Gulf of Mexico BP oil leak disaster, recommending Barack Obama, send the US Navy to the the bottom of the ocean to “blow up the well.”
Most important about what Clinton says, in terms of what the presidential agenda should be, is that he demonstrates, by the clarity and simplicity of his own approach, just how much this White House has missed, and continues to miss, the leadership mark.
"the most important thing is to fix the leak... the second most important thing is to keep the oil away from the shores, the third most important thing is to minimize the damage of the oil that reaches the shores, and the fourth most important thing, today, is to figure out who did what wrong and hold them accountable, whether it was somebody in British Petroleum or somebody in the U.S. government."
"Let's just fix the problem," Clinton says. Darn right.
The remarks were made by Clinton at a panel discussion in South Africa on Monday moderated by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.
Clinton makes clear, inadvertently, perhaps, just how much it hurts to have a radical professor, with no leadership experience and focused only on how to kidnap America rather than lead her, in charge during a time of crisis.