Prez Taunts GOP Over Nonexistent Plan

The Obama shenanigans get funnier all the time. Now he's challenging Republicans to fight the job proposal that he hasn't made yet.

After pledging to send a job-creation package to Congress next month and daring Republicans to block it, President Obama offered few specifics Tuesday about the form the plan might take as he stuck to a broad outline of how to improve the economy.

Republicans pushed back by escalating their criticism of Obama's trip, calling it nothing more than a glorified campaign swing at taxpayer expense.

"This week taxpayers made a donation to the Obama reelection campaign. No matter what the president says, his Midwest bus tour is nothing but a campaign trip," said Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee. "He's talking about campaigning against Congress and doling out talking points, not policy plans."

Leftist Michigan Congressman John Conyers doesn't need to any extra provocation from the White House to oppose the president.

At a lively town hall in Detroit after the second stop on the Congressional Black Caucus jobs tour, Rep. John Conyers re-issued his call for a march on the White House on jobs.