President's Iraq Lies Continue

President Obama greatest deceptions have surrounded the Iraq war. His campaign for the presidency was based on being anti-war, a stance that his presidency has ignored.

In September (2007), a mere three months after the final elements of the 30,000-strong surge forces had landed in Iraq, he declared that the moment had arrived to remove all of our combat troops “immediately.” “Not in six months or one year—now.”

Despite his campaign posturing, the president's announcement means the war will end exactly on the schedule negotiated by the Bush Administartion in the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) - even though the surge brought an end to the serious violence before President Obama took office.

In the end, the president did more than fail to live up to his fast withdrawal promises - he was trying to convince the Iraqis to let troops stay beyond the Bush imposed deadline! The following is from October 17.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressed hope Monday that the United States and Iraq can soon reach agreement on a possible U.S. military training role in Iraq beyond Dec. 31, when all American troops are scheduled to depart.

Despite the president's ongoing attempts to misrepresent his actions on Iraq to the American people, the record is clear - US troops are being, in the end, evicted from Iraq.