Presidential Message: Fuck You

While Cee-Lo Green played his song "Fuck You" at an Obama fundraiser Friday, the president, sadly, failed to join him for a duet. Barack could have dedicated it to the American people!

I See You Driving 'round Town
With The Girl I Love And I'm Like,
Fuck You!

I Guess The Change In My Pocket
Wasn't Enough I'm Like,
Fuck You!
And Fuck Her Too!

Here's an unbeeped version of the song.

I Said, If I Was Richer, I'd Still Be With Ya
Ha, Now Ain't That Some Shit? (ain't That Some Shit?)
And Although There's Pain In My Chest
I Still Wish You The Best With A...
Fuck You!

I Picture The Fool That Falls In Love With You
(oh Shit She's A Gold Digger)
(just Thought You Should Know Nigga)
I've Got Some News For You
I Really Hate Yo Ass Right Now

There is a defanged version of the song called "Forget You," but Green opted to keep it real for the $500 a head crowd and the leader of the free world.

There was only one problem. Green decided, apparently at the last minute, to sing the uncensored and decidedly unpresidential version of the song — titled “Fuck You” — instead.  Before he began the profane song, though, Green attempted to exercise due diligence by flipping off the crowd and asking into his microphone, “Can I cuss?”