President Wants New Stimulus

Now that the debt fight is over, the president is moving on to new goals, like another stimulus program that would include tax cuts, extended unemployment and an infrastructure bank.

We need to begin by extending tax cuts for middle-class families so that you have more money in your paychecks next year. If you’ve got more money in your paycheck, you’re more likely to spend it. And that means small businesses and medium-sized businesses and large businesses will all have more customers. That means they’ll be in a better position to hire.

Hey, Mr. Prez! That's precisely what the stimulus was supposed to do. Didn't work. Our economic activity has been sinking since the stimulus went into effect.

And while we’re at it, we need to make sure that millions of workers who are still pounding the pavement looking for jobs to support their families are not denied needed unemployment benefits.

We just spent nearly a trillion dollars to do things like construction projects, and now the president is talking about our aging infrastructure. Feeling screwed?

We also need to give more opportunities to all those construction workers out there who lost their jobs when the housing boom went bust.  We could put them to work right now, by giving loans to private companies that want to repair our roads and our bridges and our airports, rebuilding our infrastructure.  We have workers who need jobs and a country that needs rebuilding; an infrastructure bank would help us put them together.

Can you say one trillion dollars? Scammer in Chief.