Power in the Union

You can't just hate the unions, who always put lining their pockets ahead of doing the right thing.

The teachers’ union in Bridgewater and Raynham has filed a labor grievance that could block volunteers from keeping the school district’s libraries open. And as word of the work action spreads, it is stirring up outrage in the two towns.

You also have to blame the Democrats.

Librarian positions were cut from the middle schools in both towns this year and their salaries channeled into hiring teachers to address bulging class sizes. Volunteer organizations stepped in to pick up the slack — only to be surprised and disappointed by threats of a labor complaint.

The Dems would never win another election without the support of teachers unions, so they sell themselves.

Anita Newman, president of the Bridgewater Raynham Education Association, last week confirmed the union’s plan to file a grievance with school principals. All schools whose libraries are being kept open by volunteers would be part of the grievance, she said.

And they sell out the children.

“You’re putting unqualified people into the library who are not certified,’’ Newman said, calling it the basis of the grievance. “We don’t want to ruffle feathers, but you’re responsible for the children. We don’t use volunteers for recess or lunch either.’’

School Superintendent Jacqueline Forbes said she intends to keep the vol unteers in the district’s libraries. “If there is a grievance or other issue, we’ll work through that.’’

Scary, isn't it? A librarian saying, "Ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh," without proper certification?

Bridgewater and Raynham voters approved tax-limit overrides this year, from which the school district benefited. “I think when people find out about this library business, they are going to be very angry with the teachers,’’ Prewandowski said.