Pork Power

Most incumbents running for reelection are pretending they've never been to Washington. Not Harry Reid - he's bragging about his Pork Power.

The theme of the campaign launch has been "No one can do more," and is intended to remind Nevada voters how lucky they are to have Reid.
Republican Sharron Angle is reminding voters just how much they dislike Reid, who has favorable numbers around 33%.
Reid is rolling out high-profile visitors from Washington and an expensive ad campaign in a bid to show that his newly minted Republican opponent, former state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, is simply too small-time to represent Nevada.
Complicating Reid's reelection bid is his son Rory's run for Governor.
Rory Reid, a county commissioner with even fewer political gifts than his fussy father, is now running a multimillion-dollar campaign that every day will remind Nevada voters of what they like least about his father.
When Rory talks about how bad things are, it sounds like he's running against his dad.