Poll Fraud: Voters Against Obama on Gay Marriage

See how tricky polls are? A new CBS News poll on gay marriage gives voters three choices, revealing that 57% of Americans disagree with the president's position on gay marriage.

A Gallup poll last week showed that 51 percent of Americans support gay marriage, but a CBS News/New York Times poll out today shows that only 38 percent support it. The difference: Gallup gave voters just two options — support or oppose — while the CBS/NYT poll added a third, civil unions.

One Republican pollster said support for gay marriage has been oversold because of that binary choice. The pollster asked for anonymity to candidly discuss a sensitive issue.

“For the most part, the polling out there is combining the civil union and gay marriage responses together to get their ‘majority’ supporting gay marriage,” said the pollster. “There’s a reason why the (gay marriage) ban has passed in 32 states, and there’s a reason the gay community is starting to go through the legislative process.”

Also noteworthy - the older a voter is - and therefore the more likely he is to vote - the less likely he is to support gay marriage. Only 24% above the age of 45 support marriage, 31% support civil unions, and 36% oppose both.