Pigford Case Gets Wild on Stossel

John Stossel tackled the Pigford case again on his Freeloaders program over the weekend, hosting attorney Al Pires along with accuser Andrew Breitbart. Things got firey when Pires launched personal attacks on Breitbart for suggesting that the case to support black farmers discriminated against by the USDA was a scam.

The story had been highlighted on Big Government, and Breitbart repeated the claims on his site to Pires in person: that “there were only 18,000 black farmers, only two to three thousand claims,” so Pires, in Breitbart’s estimation, expanded the class to make more money. Needless to say Pires didn’t take the claims too well.

“I don’t know who Mr. Breitbart is. He’s obviously not a farmer, he’s not a journalist,” Pires began, later calling his claims “silly” (as he says this, the chyron under him reads: “Al Pires: Freeloader?” Breitbart replied by saying the names of several relevant individuals over his bickering, later asking about Othello Cross, a former colleague who Breitbart claims admitted to fraud on tape. 

Here's more background in another clip from the program.