Pigeon Our Holes

I listened to the Face the Nation podcast from Sunday driving in to WRKO this morning, and had a good chuckle listening to hyper-intellectual Michael Eric Dyson spew incomprehensibly on race relations. He starts at around 2:20.

You have the reptilian repugnance of certain elements of the right wing, which edit history for their own vicious and devious purposes. And then, you have the marrying of one--on one hand of historical amnesia with the exaggerated sense of racial injury, which leads to a kind of racial privileging and a--a--and a kind of white innocence that I think takes off here because a lot of white people think that in the age of Obama, we’re living in a post-racial era.

Watch Anderson Cooper crunch his face in consternation over the cliche packed ramblings of the Georgetown professor as he attempts to decipher the near indecipherable.

I think what happens we’re not living in a post-racial era. The Obama administration has been intimidated by the far-right wing which is addicted to a kind of paranoia of race that then leads to paralyzing racial conversation which means there’s no word from the White House that’s positive about the issue of race.