Piers Not Looking Like King of Evenings

I've ignored Piers Morgan and his new CNN Show thusfar, but was just reading an article about how far his ratings have dropped since taking over the 9pm slot.

Morgan dropped below half a million viewers Thursday night even with a bunch of crazed half-naked Kardashians sitting at the desk with him. Really. You can't break the half-million mark with Hollywood's most beloved trollops bragging about their boobs?

Larry was fired with ratings better than that. And then there was Morgan's embarrassing approach to Condoleeza Rice on his third show.

Though Rice was the first African-American woman secretary of state, is an author, Stanford professor and avid football fan – Morgan fixated on much more pressing matters: his guest’s relationship status.

If she was trying to woo him, what would Condi cook, Morgan wondered?

“I’d cook you fried chicken. Chili perhaps, cornbread, I’m quite good at cornbread, or perhaps, because of my half-Creole grandmother, I’d cook you gumbo,” she said.

Very respectful.

All questions Colin Powell or Warren Christopher would be faced with were they to ever appear on the show, right?