Philly Mayor Occupied at Harvard

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter was heckled by Occupiers at a Harvard forum on Wednesday, the morning after having shut down Occupy Philly.

Mayor Nutter got schooled last night -- literally. In the aftermath of the tumultuous police raid that ended the 55-day Occupy Philadelphia encampment on Dilworth Plaza, the city's chief executive spent the day touring and speaking out at Harvard University.

In response to a question, he explained and defended the city's handling of the protesters. A short-time later, Nutter was "mic-checked" by several members of Occupy Harvard who challenged the mayor's account and accused him of sending "storm troopers and horses" to evict the protesters.

Since this happened in Cambridge, why not hear Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson's analysis of the movement?

This clip is from three weeks ago, when the Occupy Harvard protests had just started.