Philip Garber: Should the Stutterer Be Heard?

Should a student with a stuttering problem be silenced?

Administrators at County College of Morris said history professor Elizabeth Snyder was wrong to email 16-year-old Philip Garber Jr. to urge Garber to save his questions for after class "so we do not infringe on other students' time."

"This way, you can express your ideas and knowledge completely and I will have a better understanding of what you know," Snyder's email went on to say. "You can give me the sheet after each class." Bette Simmons, vice president of student development for the college, said Snyder should have advised classmates to be patient with Garber.

It's a judgement call, of course. But the goal of educators should be to get the most education to the largest number of people possible, and individual needs shouldn't be allowed to unduly burden that pursuit.