Personal Tragedy Puts Scott Back in National News Cycle

Scott Brown describes being beaten by his step-father and sexually abused as a 10 year old camper as he launches his memoir on 60 Minutes.

"I can remember how he looked, every inch of him: his long sandy, light brown hair; his long, full mustache; the beads he wore; the tie-died T-shirts and the cutoff jeans, which gave him the look of a hippie," Brown writes in the book, "Against All Odds."

The craft of building someone into a top-level national figure today is a curious one, isn't it? Scott's national personna is being methodically constructed in preparation for his reelection race next year and an eventual run for national office.

Senator Scott Brown reveals in his soon-to-be-released autobiography that he was sexually abused by a male camp counselor and suffered repeating beatings at the hands of a stepfather.

His book, to be released on Monday and obtained by the Globe today, details a childhood in Wakefield and other Massachusetts towns that was punctuated by violence and family strife.

Brown also discloses that, as a teen, he engaged in numerous incidents of shoplifting, including stealing a three-piece-suit from a department store and steaks and hamburger from the supermarket. He expands on a previously disclosed incident, when he was caught shoplifting albums by Black Sabbath and other rock artists and was admonished by a judge to straighten up.

Brown says in the book, which will be released next week and was obtained by the Globe today, that he was sexually assaulted when he was 10 years old at a religious camp in Cape Cod, which he attended in the summer of fourth grade.

Brown said the counselor who fondled him was in his mid-20s.

Brown said the abuse occurred when he went to the camp infirmary, not feeling well. The counselor followed him into the bathroom, according to Brown’s account.

"I was standing there with my pants down and he came right up next to me and asked me if I needed help, and then he reached out his hand," Brown writes, continuing with a graphic description of the encounter. Brown said he screamed and ran outside. The counselor told Brown later, "that if I told anybody, ever, he’d hurt me badly," Brown writes.

Brown kept quiet, though he told his family he didn’t want to go to camp again. Even so, he was back the next summer -- and so was the counselor.

"I stayed for the entire summer month, kept my distance from, and nothing happened….But I was always on my guard."

The incident was a hard lesson, Brown writes.

"There were, I knew now, no safe havens, no one I could truly trust, just my legs beneath me, running, riding as far as they could carry me, and the slow motion of my lips, offering up a silent prayer."

Brown will make an appearance on a 60 Minutes segment on Sunday. The CBS program today released videotape of his interview, in which he discusses the sexual molestation and his difficult childhood.