Permanent Mac Attack

He's saved every receipt for each of the 24,999 Big Macs that he's consumed over the past 40 years, and today Don Gorske, 57, has his 25 thousandth.

“A person like me, I just don't change too much. It's pretty much two Big Macs a day,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

The first 300 people to arrive at McDonald's in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin where the celebration will be held will get Gorske buttons and free-meal coupons.

But the crowd will also get to view three displays previously seen only by his family and the Guinness Book of World Records: the receipts, 10,000 Big Mac cartons, and calendars documenting his obsession. 

In 2008 Guinness verified that Gorske has consumed the most Big Macs ever - at the time, just 23,000.

Sometimes being obsessive compulsive can be an asset.