Pelosi & Palin Both Impressed

Sarah Palin tells Barbara Walters that she thinks she would beat Barack if she decides to run for president. And why not?

"I'm looking at the lay of the land now, and ... trying to figure that out, if it's a good thing for the country, for the discourse, for my family, if it's a good thing," Palin says.

The Palin interview will air in full on Dec. 9 as part of Walters' annual "10 Most Fascinating People" special.

If you think Palin's perspective is a bizarre one, consider the opinion of Nancy Pelosi, who is also brimming with confidence.

Nancy Pelosi bore a heavy share of criticism for the Democrats' bruising losses in the midterm elections, but on Wednesday the 70-year-old California congresswoman was once again elected to lead her party in the House when it resumes for its 112th session in January.

There is one area where, already, Palin beats Obama - he is not the least bit fascinating.