Pawlenty Responds to Obama Reelection Announcement

A dramatic new web ad from Tim Pawlenty is upsetting at least one leftist Nobel Prize winning economist.

Tim Pawlenty's reaction-by-web-video to President Barack Obama's reelection announcement Monday contained a surprising, and apparently unwelcome, cameo: liberal economist and columnist Paul Krugman.

"Washington has given up on the jobs picture,” Krugman says in Pawlenty's video montage.

But just hours later, the New York Times columnist went online with a blog post titled "I Think Pawlenty Misunderstands Me."

“So, to clarify: nobody in Washington is doing anything about job creation," Krugman wrote. "However, Republicans are working quite hard on job destruction. And Pawlenty — who knows so little about the whole subject that he fell for a well-known zombie claim (killed by facts, but still shambling along) about soaring government employment — is hardly qualified to lecture anyone else on the issue.”

Whatever. Krugman was criticizing the White House for not fighting to save jobs, and that's what Pawlenty's people thought was worth sharing to a wider audience.