Passions Among the Protesters (Certainly) Running High

Once you get used to the benefits that socialism pays, you don't want to give them up (take a look at Europe). Democrats are counting on this fact of human nature to ultimately win their war against the Constitution.

There have been violent scenes as tens of thousands of people protested against plans to treble tuition fees and cut university funding in England.

Demonstrators stormed a building in Westminster housing the Conservative Party head quarters, smashed windows and got on to the roof.

Outside, a crowd of thousands surged as placards and banners were set on fire and missiles were thrown.

One of the protesters who got on to the roof was Manchester student Emily Parks. She said she had no regrets.

"It shows how angry people are," she told BBC News.

"Why is our education being cut? Why are tuition fees going up here when in other parts people have free education? People have felt the need to take matters into their own hands."

Could it be a lack of funds leading to the cuts? Just asking, Emily.