Party Time

Michael Steele refutes claims by Jimmy Carter that racism is at the root of the political anger that is growing over Obama's leadership with an obvious question - was racism to blame when Democrats, with incredible emotion and ugliness, called George W. a liar?
We've seen how racism stays alive in this country. It was only a couple of months ago that Racial Profiling Expert Skip Gates, when he saw a White Cop coming up his front steps, said he knew he was in danger and that he shouldn't cooperate. And Professor Gates got the full-throated support of the President, even though Obama admitted to not knowing the facts of the case.
The erudite Reverend Wrights are everywhere. This one's from the Boston Globe.
The most noteworthy evidence of late is, of course, the “You lie!’’ from South Carolina’s Joe Wilson as Obama delivered his national address to Congress on health care. It was a double-barreled blast. One was a shout out for white Americans who somewhere in their psyche cannot respect a black president. The other, since it came as Obama said undocumented people would not be covered under his health care proposals, was a political bullet aimed at immigrants south of our borders, who mostly happen to be brown.
Democrats - the party of racism.
Is Senator Rockefeller a racist?
It's not every day that you hear a Democratic senator charge that a fellow Democrat is proposing to raise taxes on the middle class, but that is what happened on Tuesday when Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., ripped into the health-care bill developed by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mt., the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.
What else could be motivating this vehement opposition to the President's plan? It must be racism.
"He should understand that (his proposal) means that virtually every single coal miner is going to have a big, big tax put on them because the tax will be put on the company and the company will immediately pass it down and lower benefits because they are self insured... "So that’s not really a smart idea," Rockefeller continued. "In fact, it’s a very dangerous idea, and I’m not even sure the coal miners in West Virginia are aware that this is what is waiting if this bill passes."
It pays to have a black guy as head of the GOP when there's a black guy in the White House.