Party of Peace and Love Models Hate

The party of love and compassion, so critical of the occasional wingnut who might have shown up at an a Tea Party event now and again, finally has a chance to show the world how civilized protesting works.

Schools are closed in Madison, Wisconsin today after an estimated 1,000 teachers called in sick to protest Gov. Scott Walker's bid to limit unions' right to collective bargaining. Walker's proposal would limit unions'  collective bargaining power to salary and force government workers to pay more for their benefits and pensions.

Isn't amazing how many socialists join a protest when they are robbing taxpayers for a day's salary in exchange for intimidating politicians?

Madison Teachers Inc. union director John Matthews told the Wisconsin State Journal that the sickout is the first coordinated absence in Madison schools in 16 years. Teachers are asked to attend protests at the state capitol instead of going to school. Madison superintendent Dan Nerad told Channel 3000 that teachers who were absent will have to prove they were sick.

Given that they live in a world in which they get paid to protest their work conditions, you'd think the lefties wouldn't be so hateful.