Palin Tongue Slip Feeds Liberal Storyline

When the media has a storyline in its mouth, it doesn't like to let go. Like, for example, that Sarah Palin is too dumb to be dog-catcher, let alone president.

US conservative standard bearer Sarah Palin has accused critics of unfairly singling her out, after a slip of the tongue rekindled questions about her credibility.

Even the president, in the middle of his Messianic run for his first leadership position, made some blunders - ones more serious than just a quickly corrected slip of the tongue.

After mistakenly urging radio listeners to "stand with our North Korean allies," the Alaskan, who looks increasingly likely to run for the White House in 2012, protested that President Barack Obama had made similar slips and not been singled out.

Liberals have a problem with their intelligence litmus paper. Obama, who they viewed as being ready for the White House despite having no prior leadership experience simply because he'd led the law review at Harvard, has performed like a dope.

The former governor pointed to instances in which Obama had mistakenly said there were 57 US states, instead of 50, and claimed the country was founded 20 centuries ago -- without, she said, stirring up the same kind of criticism.

Palin, who they think is a dope, proves continually to have an uncanny brilliance for leadership.

"If you can't remember hearing about them, that's because for the most part the media didn't consider them newsworthy."

There are plenty of legitimate things they can use if they want to criticize Palin, but the unfair ones sometimes work better. In the business of personal destruction, they use whatever's handy.